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Setup Your Start-up + Get All Your Business Questions Answered

When you make a sale or win over a client, you’re on cloud nine. But when you think about the legal side of your business, you break into a cold sweat. You know that without a firm foundation, you’re vulnerable — and this could end up costing you in the long run. 

From drafting contracts to reviewing transfers of ownership and dealing with taxation, the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor is uniquely positioned to help small businesses in Atlanta make smart decisions. With the right strategy and long-term vision, your business’s legal structure will adapt to changing tax laws and market conditions. The work we do together now can help you realize profits for years to come. 

De-stress Your Business With a Back Pocket Advisor Who Will Demystify the Law

What are your goals for your business? Using Business Formation legal services, you can structure a firm path to these goals. Business Formation is the right service for you if:

  • You’re looking to establish your business as a legal entity in Atlanta and you need upfront advice on what the best business structure is for you: a C-Corp, LLC, LLP, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship — or something else;
  • You’re a start-up that needs customized, strategic legal advice on how to operate lean, as well as legal advice on financing, tax planning and liability exposure;
  • You know that the right way to start is to organize your business by drafting bylaws, obtaining tax IDs, and filing the necessary paperwork with the state — you just don’t want to deal with the hassle and extra work; or
  • Your business operations and growth are ready for the next level.

Contact the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor in Atlanta Today

People call their businesses their babies, but let’s be real here for a second. Do you really need to stay up late at night, babying your business and fussing over the details? I’ve got a better idea — I will help you structure, plan, design, and create a company that runs like a well-oiled machine. When you work with the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor, I help you divide your personal and professional life to create a healthy balance. Honestly, you don’t need another baby in your life; so, instead, let me help you build and scale a business that takes care of itself. Contact the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor to learn more about our business formation services.