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Build an Indestructible Business Legacy With Aligned Legal Business Consulting

Where Will You Grow From Here?

It’s never been easier to start a business in Atlanta, GA. Small businesses, start-ups, and incorporated businesses in a variety of industries are helping our state thrive. Almost half of the private workforce is employed by small businesses — that’s almost 2 million individuals. 

But just as quickly as start-ups set up shop, they can crash and burn. In Atlanta, approximately 7,830 businesses began with great gusto, however, 7,140 of these same businesses exited after just a year of operations. That’s why it’s so important to seek timely and aligned legal business consulting. 

Without ongoing legal direction, advice and strategy, being penalized for the wrong set-up will be the least of your concerns. You got into business to thrive, not just survive. Every step of the way, you’ll need to understand the legal implications of your business decisions and, better yet, use the right legal tools for maximum profit and growth. Early legal business consulting builds a foundation for a thriving business so you’re not one of those 7,000 businesses exiting after a mere year of operations. 

This is not a sprint — your business growth is a marathon. So start off your business strategy and entity formation on the right foot. 

Services Designed for an Indestructible Business

An indestructible business is built to withstand the stresses of time, external events, unforeseen issues and growing pains. Our curated, legal business services anticipate events that may occur, decisions you may want the power and flexibility to make, and the growth path you may someday want to take. 

The philosophy of The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor is simple: Let’s get you prepared for anything that comes your way so that you don’t actually need to experience a crisis when these things actually happen. 

Get your business running like clockwork and spend more of your valuable time where it belongs: working in your business. The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor has got you covered. 

Start-up Planning and Strategic Business Counseling

Have you ever considered your marketing and branding strategy from a legal perspective? It’s not just about what you can and can’t do, or making sure you color within the lines. When you work with The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor, we empower you to use the law to your business’s advantage. We’ll discuss your long-term goals and the short-term moves you can take action on right now to make that future a reality. 

In human terms, we’ll help you plan out legal details such as your finances, project your growth goals quarterly and annually, and set you up for hiring and expansion. Start-up planning and strategic business counseling is the cornerstone for all other services we provide. Start here — and you can grow anywhere. 

Business Entity Formation

To create an indestructible business, you need to choose the right legal structure — and it’s not always immediately obvious what this is or should be. The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor helps you stay away from the “shoulds” and, instead, we focus our efforts on what matters: Your current operations and where you’d like to grow. Based on these guiding factors, we’ll create a plan for your business entity, take care of all the paperwork, and get those t’s and i’s crossed and dotted. 

Contract Review and Negotiation

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business’s operations, regardless of size. Whether you’re trying to make sure you establish a fair but positive relationship with your vendors, or you’re ready to subcontract and hire to expand your operations, it all comes down to the terms and verbiage in a contract. Get The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor on your side and watch as we employ the law in service of better relationships with your customers, employees, and vendors.

Intellectual Property Services

The devil is in the details when it comes to IP protection and it’s difficult to know when you’ve crossed it — or when you’ve been crossed. In any business, intellectual property is the meat and potatoes of profitability. From drafting ironclad contracts that protect your IP to ensuring your paperwork and registrations are filed and up to date, we’ll make sure we leave nothing to chance. Of course, it always helps to have The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor on your side if you ever find an instance of misuse of your intellectual property.