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Drafting Contract Services that Will Pass Any Legal Eagle

A blend of business and legal expertise helps entrepreneurs and Atlanta-based businesses with contract services that hold their weight across industries, in any negotiation situation.

Close the deal faster, insulate your business against litigation, and keep the legalese where it belongs — on your contract. Contractual law is not a lifeless sport — in fact, contracts can make the difference between paying out (because of a lawsuit against you) or getting paid (because of strategic clauses that anticipate contingencies). 

With over 15 years of business and legal experience, I am committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs in Atlanta protect themselves and grow with confidence. Custom contracts reflect professionalism, but they can also help you ease concerns like:

  • Does my contract work for the purposes I need? Does it have too little or does it cover all contingencies that might come up?
  • Does my contract actually protect my business and my assets?
  • Do the terms hold up and make sense if my clients’ lawyers read and assess it?
  • Do I understand why the chosen terms work for both my business needs and my clients’ needs?

With empathy and insight, I’ll translate your business needs into airtight contractual language. There’s nothing boilerplate about these customized agreements, designed to make sure that relationships between you, your clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, and maybe even your competitors are mutually beneficial. 

Reach out and schedule a consultation with me today. 

Contract Creation & Negotiation is Perfect For you If…

  • Your business is facing a couple of interrelated challenges like contract drafting, trademark applications, and copyright registration.
  • You’re planning on expanding your operations through a merger and acquisition or a business partnership and you need an attorney to help you draft and redraft contracts as the deal progresses and takes shape.
  • You’re looking for an attorney who understands the business and marketing side of running a business while also understanding how that translates in the legal domain.
  • You need customized payment terms, clauses, and conditions that can help get you get paid faster and the cringe-worthy, boilerplate, and simplistic cut-and-paste contracts online just aren’t going to work.
  • You’ve heard horror stories about how huge holes in poorly-drafted contracts have led to businesses getting cut out of what they deserve, or even sued for infringement.
  • You need an experienced attorney to jump in on last-minute contract reviews.

Contract creation and negotiation is where you and I can work closely together to address the needs of your business’s growth. We can even beef up your business systems on the back-end by creating an inventory of standard legal documents and contracts that you’ll use in a variety of transactional situations. 

With my flexible payment terms and innovative ways for us to work together, you can hire faster, keep your portion of equity in your business partnership, terminate with transparency and fairness, and build trust in your collaborations. 

Evergreen contracts that hold up to even super-intense opposing counsel scrutiny? You got it! Types of contracts I frequently draft for clients include:

  • Licensing agreements;
  • Service agreements;
  • Website terms of service and privacy policy;
  • Contract termination agreements;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Collaboration agreements;
  • Affiliate agreements;
  • Contract amendments;
  • Buy/Sell Agreements;

…and more. 

Be the Master of your Business Ship With Contracts that Work Just as Hard as You Do

There are a number of reasons why business owners become business owners. For me, building, advising, and working with (and on) businesses is in my family’s DNA. For other business owners, it’s the flexibility of running a business according to your own schedule that matters most. And, for others still, it’s the rewarding feeling you get when you serve customers and clients with your talents and skills, bringing what your purpose in this world together with people who need you. 

Smart, strategic contract drafting and negotiation are the nuts and bolts of how to make your business run in alignment with your Why. Let’s work together to discover how you can make a real impact on your customers’ lives, build a flourishing business, and protect your agreements and operations for the future. Contact me today to get started.