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Small Businesses Are the Lifeblood of Our Communities

Gain essential tools to effectively run a small business venture in Atlanta. 

Starting and running a successful small business is not easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Small businesses do more than just offer products or services to consumers, they provide job opportunities for our family members and friends and are usually among the first to contribute to charitable causes. Small businesses are essentially the lifeblood of our local communities here in metro Atlanta, which is why Stacey-Ann Taylor Law is committed to providing the legal guidance small business owners, like you, need to thrive. 

Regardless of the type of business you own and its unique operational needs, Stacey-Ann Taylor Law has got you covered. My law firm offers a range of legal services to help you protect your business interests. Getting sound advice on legal matters can help give you the confidence you need to take calculated risks with your business. Taking calculated risks can help your business grow even more. When your business grows, you can serve more people in your community. Everyone wins.

Protect Your Unique Business Interests 

Protecting your small business starts with making sure that your business was formed under the right type of corporate structure, such an LLC. However, securing the right corporate structure is just the beginning. Stacey-Ann Taylor Law can help you with a wide range of tasks that are crucial to ensuring your business’ day-to-day operations are seamless as well as vital to its long term success and profitability. These include, but not limited to: 

  • Drafting vendor contracts
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Registering your intellectual property
  • Collecting and paying debts
  • Buying or leasing commercial property 
  • Acquisitions and business sales
  • Negotiating with government regulators on your behalf 

Helping You Make Smarter Decisions as a Small Business Owner

I encourage my clients to put everything in writing when dealing with customers, employees, and vendors. Having clear and concise contracts is one of the keys to protecting your business from liability issues. In order to create the best possible contracts for your business, I will spend time getting to know you and your business at the beginning of our relationship.Through the Atlanta Entrepreneur’s Program, a monthly legal service program I designed specifically for small business owners such as yourself, you’ll also gain access to unlimited legal advice, contract review, and other essential resources to help you anticipate, prevent, and resolve potential business-related conflicts. 

Contact Stacey-Ann Taylor Law in Atlanta Today

Stacey-Ann Taylor Law is here to support your small business with affordable and effective legal counsel in Atlanta. With more than 15 years of experience, you can rest confident knowing that you’ll have a knowledgeable and dedicated small business attorney by your side to protect your brand, investments, and assets. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you succeed in your business endeavors.

Learn More About How the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor in Atlanta Can Help Kickstart Your Entrepreneurship

I want to help you win. It's really that simple. I will help guide your business on the right path by answering legal questions that will naturally come up as your business grows. I will review your contracts and prevent you from signing away your rights or putting terms in your contracts that are unenforceable. Let me help give you peace of mind about common legal issues by having easy access to a lawyer with many years of business experience. Contact the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor today for more information about the Atlanta Entrepreneur's Program or sign-up today for one of the monthly plans below.


Always professional...

Stacey-Ann provides quality work for her clients and in a timely manner. She is always professional. I appreciate her business morals.

Kay Powell

Amazing, knowledgeable, and kind...

What an amazing attorney. Knowledgeable and Kind. Attorney Stacey-Ann dismantled legal issues into laymen’s terms for me. I was able to start my business on time and without any issues. I would highly recommend Attorney Stacey-Ann Taylor.

Rosaland Thomas

A brilliant and passionate attorney...

Ms. Taylor is by far the most attentive, compassionate, responding, and knowledgeable attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with during this process. Her hard work, long hours, and genuine concern for a positive outcome for us and our business paid off. She is a brilliant and passionate attorney that I am thankful to have met despite the circumstance that brought us together.

Yvette Simmons
American Bar Association Member Wealth Counsel member Web award