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Only the IRS has more Experience.

When business is thriving, no one has time to pay attention to the legal details. 

Most legal audits by attorneys focus on risk and exposure. I do things differently. I help Atlanta-based businesses focus on what’s working for their business’s legal life right now, and then pivot to pay attention on how we can improve things going forward. 

Identifying early legal compliance issues can help you save time and money. Ongoing legal audits have a significant impact on creating additional value for your business. We can identify holes in your revenue streams, your operations, and even your company’s performance that legal action can help you seal up. 

Put my experience representing small and large businesses to work for your business’s best practices. Contact my office at Stacey-Ann Taylor Law to learn more about how legal audits can help you buffer all sides of your business. 

What Parts of your Business Need a Legal Audit?

Whereas financial audits are stressful (who wants to open up their books to the IRS?), legal audits done right are enlightening. The sheer number of business owners who confide in me that they can breathe easier knowing they’re not going to be liable for random copyright infringement suits or sudden discrimination issues filed by their employees affirms one significant thing:

We often don’t know what we don’t know. 

Areas we’ll work on during your legal audit session will likely include:

  • Uncovering settlements from actions you’ve failed to collect on;
  • Performing contract drafting and negotiation reviews, procurement policy reviews, and intellectual property reviews;
  • Human resource policy and employment agreement audits for compliance and risk mitigation;
  • Buy-Sell Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Service and Consulting Agreements;
  • Assignment and Contractor Agreements;
  • Government contract compliance (where applicable); and
  • Litigation audit that will help you ensure due diligence procedures are in place.

What Happens After Our Legal Audit?

You’re not alone — the post-legal audit process is where you’ll learn about what you need to implement, based on what I’ve found. As part of the legal audit process, I’ll clearly show you where we can improve, and a list of recommendations on how we can quickly and efficiently move through these changes.

I can also work with you to follow-up and implement these changes. We’ll also schedule the next legal audit session for a quick run-through and assurance that you’re using all available assets and avenues to grow your business. 

Make Every Decision Count

Effective legal audits are all about helping you to understand how the macro and the micro synergistically co-exist. Your business growth goals are all interrelated and a well-executed legal audit can help you identify key areas of opportunity and potential obstacles. Think of legal audits like a springtime tune-up for your car — you wouldn’t go from year to year without checking your vehicle’s health. And your business is no different. 

As your attorney, I can help you de-stress the details of your Atlanta-based business by giving you a firm legal bodyguard to bank on. Make smarter, well-informed, and evidence-based decisions for your business with thorough legal audits performed by Stacey-Ann Taylor Law.