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You need a partner who understands your business…

Franchises have always been an attractive business option for those looking to start a new business or expand their existing business portfolios. As a business owner, typically, you are looking for brand recognition, a proven business model, and a clear understanding of your Return on your Investment (ROI). Once you’re satisfied with the financials, you will want to consult with an attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and commitments.  Why?  Because you want to live your dream and avoid nightmares.

Investing in a franchise is a significant commitment, and franchise documents are often voluminous and detailed. It is in your best interests to have a legal partner who revels in the details and has experience dealing with franchise agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).  Listen to my podcast here to learn what information a franchisor must dislcose in the FDD.

The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor knows what to look for to ensure that you understand what you are agreeing to or what terms are too vague and require clarification. Even within franchise agreements, there are opportunities for negotiation. Examples of negotiable terms include:

  • Royalty payment schedules.
  • Contract/business termination.
  • Right of first refusal.
  • Litigation/arbitration clauses.
  • Non-compete clauses.
  • Franchise territory.

Not all franchise agreements are negotiable, and in fact, many franchisors will clearly state their terms and conditions are non-negotiable to ensure parity amongst franchisees. Irrespective, it is still essential that an Atlanta Franchise Attorney review the agreement to ensure that the terms and conditions align with your business goals.


You need a partner who understands the law that matters to you…

Because Georgia is not a franchise regulation state, the FTC Federal Franchise Rule governs many franchise regulations and disclosure obligations along with the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act and the Georgia Franchise Act. The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor works with franchisees in Georgia to ensure they are in full compliance with all their legal obligations and have a complete understanding of their rights.


When deciding to work with an Atlanta Franchise Attorney, having a legal advisor familiar with franchise agreements and the Atlanta business environment matters. When making a significant financial investment into a franchise, having an Atlanta Franchise Lawyer who isn’t afraid to negotiate even the non-negotiable is priceless. The Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor will advocate on your behalf to mitigate your legal and financial risks, invest the time to make sure you understand your agreements’ legalese, and ensure you are entering any agreement with your eyes wide open.


For more information about the main terms of a franchise agreement, listen to my podcast here. If you are interested in purchasing a franchise or looking for a franchise business review, the Law Office of Stacey-Ann Taylor can help. Call or schedule an appointment with me today.